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ТЕМА: Shooting Adhesive Splatter Targets Paper Sticker 8.5"*11.1 Toronto

Shooting Adhesive Splatter Targets Paper Sticker 8.5"*11.1 Toronto 1 мес. 4 дн. назад #6840

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Shooting Adhesive Splatter Targets Paper Sticker 8.5"*11.1 Toronto

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors shop sell Splatter Targets,shooting targets,gun bags,gun cleaner,gun sling,target stand,Hunting Gear For Sale Ontario.

Shooting Adhesive Rifle Targets


Produce a colored ring around your hits as "splattering" which let you see your hits instantly.
Attach the target to any surface.

Shooting Adhesive Rifle Targets Splatter

I have used these with my Benjamin Armada 0.25 air gun at 17 yards, with a CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot. They are great!

Gun Cleaning Bore Snake

We do a lot of outdoor shooting both with pistol and rifle we like these targets because we could set them up at 30 feet and take one shot at each bull’s-eye and then tally up the score. Other times I like to set these targets up at 100 yards and take one shot at each one with a 22 LR. They are excellent targets easy to read and a great price considering how many separate bull’s-eyes you get on one page I always keep at least 30 of them in my bag And highly recommend these to everyone, they even work great for slingshot

Gun Case Toronto

These are great targets for shooting groups. I had to do some extensive ammo testing for one of my 22lr rifles, and these targets fit the bill perfectly. Set at 50 yards, I could easily see the splatter holes. 3" is the perfect diameter for evaluating ammo, as it allows you to pack a bunch of bullseyes onto one target, but they're big enough to see shots even if they spread out.

spinning targets Toronto

This is one of the best shoot and see I've ever used. You have 15 no. 3 inch targets on stiff card and when stapled up stays put in all weather. Very visible with 10x scope at 100 yards. Before this I used the 3inch stick on targets but these work out cheaper than the sticky back ones . Just brilliant

These are perfect, can shoot all day with just two or three targets. I use these with rimfire 22LR and 17 HMR at 100 yards for 5 and 10 shot groups. With a 12 power scope, I can easily see where I'm sitting from the bench and don't need to constantly go check my target.

These color glow work great to see your entry hole very easy at long distances. Today I shot my 223 at 25 and 50 yards and they work like a charm. I didn't think they would work well for my Glock and 380 Sig, but tried them today at 5, 8, and 12-15 yards. They forced me to concentrate a little to actually hit the target and believe in myself that I could actually hit the bulls eye, but I changed my mind after trying them that way. Now I like them even better. Instead of using the larger torso style, that gets filled up so fast that you lose sight where the bullet really hits, now I can have 15 "heart size" targets on each sheet. I put 2 of the sheets up side-by-side and was able to continue to shoot without changing targets for lots more rounds. I am Reordering because the price was even lower compared to the sticky back targets.

My gun club runs 600-yard F-Class matches, and 3" is the size of the bullseye (more or less) at that range. Works well for that distance at practice, and fine at 200 yards inside the first circle. Shooting at these at 200 yards will expose a lot of issues with your shooting and/or setup. These sheets give you a lot of targets for comparatively little $$$'s. Aim small, miss small - these will make you a better rifleman.

So many targets at per page is great. I use these for pistol practice and can really leave these out for a longer period than some other targets. This means a better value. Great larger size too. I went with the 50 pack, because eventually i'll go through them (again great value this way).
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Shooting Adhesive Splatter Targets Paper Sticker 8.5"*11.1 Toronto xiaoshuiguai 1 мес. 4 дн. назад
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